5 Best Brunches in Atlanta

What is the most important meal and the most vital social decision to be made of the week?

What meal sets your social calendar up for success or long lines of failure? What is an excuse to day drink AND eat copious amounts of healthy super foods simultaneously? The elegant combination of breakfast and lunch means a leisurely experience of sweet or savory and the perfect time to unwind and reconnect with your special someone or friends. With over 23.8 million #brunch posts on Instagram (and perhaps the same number of calories in one order of French Toast), Brunch has become a cultural staple for a wonderful weekend. Let your eyes feast on our top 5 best brunch spots in Atlanta:

Best Brunch, Hands Down: Sun in my Belly

There are several reasons why Sun in My Belly is the best brunch in Atlanta. Let’s start with the most important aspect of brunch: the food. Sun in My Belly will make you rethink the importance of pan temperature, butter ratio and egg freshness when you take a bite of their beautiful omelets, because THEY ARE THAT GOOD. They put a delicate French flair into their great southern dishes like pimento cheese omelet or their baked perfection of a sandwich Croque Madam. And do not leave before trying their famous lavender biscuits, a true baking triumph. The ambience is that of a rustic farmhouse with plenty of seating; if there is a line a convenient barista or bar tender awaits you with refreshments near the front door. Located in Kirkwood, Sun in My Belly is worth the drive!

Best Outdoor Brunch: Muchacho

Muchacho is a new brunch spot located on the East end of the newly completed beltline off Memorial Drive. A California surfer vibe combines with delicious breakfast tacos and coffee…. what’s not to love? Their tortillas are on point, their coffee is delicious, and they serve hipster favorites like Tumeric Lattes and Poke Bowls. The outdoor seating offers beltline views and plenty of space to stretch out and tuck into some tacos. The décor is hip 70’s and the place is built in an old train depot, adding to the funky retro setting.

Best Elegant Brunch: Café Intermezzo

Located on Peachtree Street in the heart of Midtown, Café Intermezzo combines an elegant European atmosphere with unbelievably delicious pastries. A great place to enjoy a specialty coffee and pleasant conversation, Café Intermezzo is your pick for a classy brunch excuse to wear high heels and lipstick. Take a photo in front of their iconic front door!

Best Southern Brunch: Family Dog

Family Dog is located off Highland Ave in Virginia Highlands. A family-friendly, casual setting pairs with carefully prepared foods and a friendly staff. Tasty brunch classics like Shrimp and Grits, Eggs Benedict, and Chicken and Waffles are served with a South-flavored twist.

Best Brunch Cocktails: Parish

Known as one of Inman Park’s premier eateries, Parish offers a rustic-lux setting and amazing brunch menu. The mimosas are refreshing, the Parish Pastry Basket will satisfy your weekend carb cravings, and the Waldorf Kale Bowl is there to healthy-mock you as you place your order for the Monte Cristo. (Deep fried Ham and cheese sandwich lathered in maple syrup.) Located in the Historical Terminal building completed in 1890, Parish has restored the former factory space into a vaulted ceiling elegant fine dining establishment. Enjoy a weekend brunch glass of wine, mimosa, or get a drink recommendation from your local Parish bartender.

Do you agree with our picks for Atlanta’s best brunches? Let us know your top choices!

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