The Best Atlanta History Walks

Atlanta is a wonderful city to explore on a leisurely stroll. Whether you’re walking to take in the grand historic homes, famous landmarks or simply to enjoy our amazing weather, any Atlanta walk is one to remember. With four distinct seasons beautifully curated with flora and fauna, Atlanta is a site to see any time of year. The city’s seasons are perfectly timed with 3 months of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter each, making it one of the best cities in the world for distinct walks on the same path over the course of a year.

Our #1 Pick: Oakland Cemetery
Location: 248 Oakland Ave SE

We understand your shock; who would pick a cemetery as their first choice for a stroll? Anyone who has experienced the beauty of Oakland Cemetery can tell you that the walk around the lush gardens and lovely monuments is a wonderful way to take in nature and history. Established in 1850, the original 6 acres of Oakland, so named for the beautiful oak and magnolia trees that flourish in the area, remains one of Atlanta’s oldest historical plots of land. The cemetery reflects the history and changing culture of Atlanta and serves as the final resting place for famous Atlantans like Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, and our first black mayor Maynard Jackson. Many events take place in the tranquil cemetery including Civil War history tours, Halloween tours where famous interred Oakland people are played by actors, and the very popular concert events Tunes in the Tombs. Whether you’re going for a special event or just need a gorgeous walk in the park, Oakland is a wonderful choice for an Atlanta stroll.

Our #2 Pick: Freedom Walk
Location: You can start at Carter Center or MLK Center

From the Civil War to Civil Rights, Atlanta has been an epicenter for cultural change in the fight for freedom since it was founded. Our great city’s triumphs and fails are well documented in The King Center and The Carter Center, two museums dedicated to documenting the fight for freedom, equality, civil rights, and humanitarianism. The two museums are connected by a beautifully curated walking path that offers scenic views of the Atlanta skyline, treelined trails and informational signs about the two centers for peace. The King Center includes a museum dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his life’s contributions to the civil rights movement. The Center is located in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood, a historical black neighborhood that was also the birthplace of our first black mayor Maynard Jackson. The museum is both heart breaking and inspiring to visit and also includes a small section dedicated Mahatma Gandi (Dr. King spoke many times of the inspiration he got from Gandi’s fight for civil rights in India.) The Carter Center is dedicated to the life and work of Georgia’s only president, President Jimmy Carter. The museum includes many exhibits about President Carter’s terms as Governor of Georgia, his one term as President, and his many humanitarian projects since his presidency. The Freedom Walk is a must for an inspiring and educational stroll!

Our #3 Pick: Piedmont Park
Location: 400 Park Drive NE

Piedmont Park is a large expanse of trees, grassy meadows and walking trails perfect for a leisurely stroll. Set against the backdrop of Atlanta’s midtown skyline, Piedmont Park includes many active areas like the active oval (for runners, volleyball, soccer, and softball), a small lake, and many playgrounds. Opened with great fanfare in 1887, Piedmont Park was designed by Joseph Forsyth Johnson (who also designed part of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY). The park has served Atlanta communities since and has expanded many times since its opening. Piedmont park  includes dog parks and a farmer’s market while hosting many events and festivals. The park could take hours to explore, but it is well worth the time to find your favorite paths and trees! Meet a friend for a walk and refuel at the famous Park Tavern, a restaurant with great drinks and food located on the Monroe side of the park. Walk over to the beltline or towards Midtown for a park-to-city walk!

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